Snow's a comin'

    Here I sit with a cup of hot tea and a freshly baked cookie and thought I had better enter a post before I get into another project. 

      The weather folks are predicting snow or freezing rain, sleet and ice accumulation... YUK! DH just came in and he said the temp is dropping but, no sign of the wet stuff. He's headed out to get wood in the cart, to stay warm with and put sunflower seed and suet out for the birds. The cookie jar is full of spicy molasses cookies baked this afternoon, the crock pot is full of bean and ham soup and  there's fresh bread dough resting, waiting to be put in the pans to rise.
     I have been in a baking mood the past few months. Started right after I finished the last quilt for the quilt show and we had the first day of the show under our belts; I made fudge at 10pm that night. I can't tell you the last time I made fudge. Fortunately, I was able to take most of it with me the following day for those working at the show. Then just before Christmas I started making yeast breads and cookies. I bet I haven't made yeast bread since the mid eighties. DH and I have been trying to keep the weight down and I pretty much quit baking anything since 2002. I would make 'pumpkin pie' for Thanksgiving, at the request of our son and an occasional batch or cookies.
      Having lived in Michigan most of my life, I find I really love the weather here in NC. (NC the last 24 years) Can't say I look forward to getting the 'dismal' (snow, ice or freezing rain). We find it really funny when the weatherman says the "S" word , people flood to the grocery stores. Mainly for bread and milk but, while standing in line this morning (yes, I went, too) I watched the lady ahead of me unload cases of soda, candles, snacks, kerosene, ice cream and batteries. The guy the aisle over had two buggies filled with cases of soda, another had beer and plenty of it. What's wrong with this picture I asked. Don't they have faucets? Even with a well we have plenty of water and if the electricity goes out (Please, Lord don't let the electricity go out. I have sewing to do.) we put some back for cooking, drinking, flushing, washing up and of course Mira. Go figure! I went this am after walking to get shortening, yeast and marshmallows. Yup, I like marshmallows in a cup of hot chocolate especially, when its snowing. Guess we all have our little quirks!
     I have my quilting to tend to and have kept back some squaring-up just in case we are without electricity. Tonight, I hope to get the bulk of my sewing done on making my blocks or rows. Haven't decided which I want to do. Here's half the quilt in the following picture, five rows of 44 blocks each.


      I should be able to get these done pretty quickly and can hope to get the rest tomorrow. I'd like to have them together for the guild meeting on Thursday. I think I can! I think I can!

    Hope you aren't in the path of this storm system but, if you are have a cup of hot chocolate (with marshmallows ) and think of me.

Stay Warm!
Mira's Mom