Current projects

Just a quick blurb...
 As I said before this quilt show year and business is slow so, I'm making quilts while I have the time. 
I've been teaching a Beginners Quilting class since February and here's how we've. started. First month was paper piecing; Log Cabins and Flying geese.
Second month is Applique, due to time constraints I chose machine embroidery applique. My pumpkin has some how disappeared so, will try to retrieve it. Here it is and right side up... plum amazing!

Today's class was on Precision Piecing, The weird looking Topiary

I've been working on a Kim Dielh design from Fons and Porters March/April issue of  Love of Quilting magazine. I try to do one 'fun' quilt a year and this is it. Didn't have to buy one piece of fabric, all stash!
Top border is all hand appliqued with bottom and sides being worked on.

 I just love hand applique and wish there were more hours in the day to do it.


Gotta run, happy quilting!