Bet you thought I got lost....

Lost in my work and doctor visits, maybe. Bill is doing so much better. He returned to work July first and I am frantically trying to catch up. I have three customer quilts left to do and four of my own that I really need to finish. So, enjoy the ones I have pictures of. Some I didn't get photos of because, I called the customer and they were johnny on the spot to pick them up. Thanks you gals!

This was the big one I mentioned before. King size custom. Very classic.

The above three are my great niece's graduation present. Made it for her to take to college. The little bag I made for the wrapping and for her to carry and store it in. She liked it!

Last photo is of Missy Mira. Such a sweet little girl.

I have more quilts to post but, haven't gotten them on my computer, yet. Sorry, something to look forward to. Blog site is giving me fits so sorry if things are a bit confusing.

Have a blessed day.