I won, I won, I won! Get to bring one of those ribbons home with me! I'm just thrilled, the competition was amazing, terrific and a bit intimidating, just gorgeous, gorgeous quilting. I feel very fortunate to have won anything but, the comments I got were so encouraging. Things like: "exquisite", "looks like it was computer quilted", "you've arrived" awesome remarks from ones peers. Thank you, ladies!

I thought my 'Tweet' might have won something as I think it's my best work to date but, like I said the competition was stiff... I ended up winning a second on my 'whole cloth', pictured below (this picture is from a different show). I'll try to get a few more pictures from the actual show and post them later this week. We have more show tomorrow then 'take down' and clean up. I have a grandson that needs a birthday cake Sunday and a contractor is coming in Monday morning. What I really need to do is get back to quilting. I've decided that's where my heart is 90% of the time.

Happy quilting to all!


Well, the ribbons are done and you have to know they were lots, and lots and lots of work! Can't say I'm sorry they are finished. The mini ribbons haven't been completed but, have a day or so to finish them. They were fun to make but, I'd rather be quilting.

Tomorrow, it's off to Clemmons for rest of the week, judging and setting up, Friday and Saturday are Quilt Show. Fortunately, my DH is taking time off to be with 'baby girl', she so hates it when mom's gone. Hope any of you in the area can make the show. It's where the pros face off in a challenge and showing off their long arm abilities. Lot of fun and hope I'm fortunate enough to bring one of these ribbons back home with me.

CAROLINA LONGARM ASSOCIATION QUILT SHOW in Clemmons, NC at the New Hope Presbyterian Church at 2570 Harper Rd, Clemmons, NC . September 17 - 18, 2010 9:00am - 5pm.