Guess what... I'm back!

I know it's been forever. I've been spending time since, last we spoke... learning new software (Quilt Path), learning how to use my new computer (which is old now) but, most recently how to post pictures. Yes, I've been learning how to use a new camera, too. Loved my old computer and camera! They made life so much easier but, now I love my new Quilt Path which has made my work a whole lot easier. So, the eye candy has it and I will try to do a better job of posting. Love to all and Happy Quilting! Sandi

The above pictures are from last weeks quilt show. Susan Calhoun's quilt and my quilting. Custom longarm quilting.
Susan calls this her 20 year quilt because, she started on it 20 years ago. Custom quilting.

The Baltimore Album Quilt above also, belongs to Susan Calhoun. During and after quilting.

My attempt at a 'Modern' quilt, with waves and surf circles.

Susan Goins quilt hanging at the show. Love the way it turned out. Curly weave quilting.

Chris McCarthy's quilt, with raindrop quilting.

Susan Goins Quilt. T-shirt quilt for son-in-law.

Sarah Jeanes quilt, with feather quilting.

My quilt I didn't get into the last show because, of broken wrist. Custom quilting

Sandy McCarthy's 1" postage stamp quilt with Random Clams quilting.

Sarah Jeanes flannel quilt with oak leaf quilting.

I'll be back with more in a day or so :>)