Rescue Pup from last November

Remember last November, when Bill and I transported a rescue pup one leg of a trip from Wilmington, NC to Atlanta? Well, here she is and looking terrific. Her new mom and dad are very, very good to her; she is a blessed puppy and it shows . She had not been abused like our Mira but, had no real attachment to her family and she kind of had an empty look in her eyes, that's gone now because, she really belongs to her new family. Bless you Larry & Mary!


back from Myrtle Beach...

     Sorry, I didn't take any pictures at the beach. Just laid in the sand and relaxed the whole time. I was having some trouble with my back but, with a few visits to my friendly chiropractor, upon my return I'm almost back to 'go!'
    My bestest friend, Jerrie and I escaped to the beach on the 13th and returned home the 18th. Tried a little sewing but, had to rest my back between sessions. Before we left, I finished her quilt and I'm so happy with the way it turned out.
    Last month I attended a 'quilting bee' (yes, they still exist) along with my dear friend Mary and some other gals. Anyways, I mentioned that I was tired of the irons out in today's marketplace. They are generally big and clunky, don't get hot enough, they shut off before you want them to or, the stupid little holes on the sole-plate catch the corner of your patchwork and wrinkle it all up. All I want is a small iron, no holes, that will heat up good. Well, didn't Mary find one; she went to Liberty's antique/flea market and found this for me:

Look no holes!
Isn't it darling and it works great. Thank you Mary! Mary also, took me out for a birthday breakfast, what fun!
 Guess who missed me? Mira, she gave her dad a fit! Laying by the front door, looking out and whining. She didn't eat her dog food so, Bill plied her with puppy treats and pastrami sandwiches. What's a mom to do? It is Bill's dog! Right! Ha Ha!  She survived and went right back to eating her puppy food as soon as I got home.
While at the beach Jerrie took me out for a birthday dinner at Bone-fish Grill. OH MY, it was delicious! Thank you, Jerrie for a great time! 
Been home six days now so, I guess I best get back to work. 
Have a great day and until I 'm back with ya, behave!