Finally finished taxes so...

Yes, I finally finished my taxes. It's a shame one has to have a PHD in finances to just get them ready for the CPA.

So now I can get back to what I love doing. QUILTING!

Last blog I mentioned that I gave my grandson his quilt for Christmas and I really didn't know if he liked it...HE LOVES IT! Put it on his bed, when he got home and it's been there ever since. Still don't have a photo but, I'll get one, promise!

Finished a couple other quilts since last post and I'm hoping to be able to post a little more often. We'll see...

Linda's quilt.

Bill and I went Vegan last October to try to reverse Bill's heart disease. Yes, I said reverse. Good read for anyone, is Dr. Caldwell Esselstyns' book How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.

Baby girl after visiting the groomer.

Peppers picked mid-December and the lettuce is still coming in hardy from last fall. What a wonderful winter!