Told you I'd be back

Below you will find a number of quilts I've finished the past couple months. Some I had even forgotten I'd done.

There was suppose to be a picture of Bill's flagpole but, missed that. He was determined to get it up for the fourth of July and with the help of our son and neighbor it got up that weekend.

A couple pictures of baby girl and a sneak peak of a quilt, I'm saving for desert. Can't wait to get a couple others finished so I can get to it.



Bet you thought I got lost....

Lost in my work and doctor visits, maybe. Bill is doing so much better. He returned to work July first and I am frantically trying to catch up. I have three customer quilts left to do and four of my own that I really need to finish. So, enjoy the ones I have pictures of. Some I didn't get photos of because, I called the customer and they were johnny on the spot to pick them up. Thanks you gals!

This was the big one I mentioned before. King size custom. Very classic.

The above three are my great niece's graduation present. Made it for her to take to college. The little bag I made for the wrapping and for her to carry and store it in. She liked it!

Last photo is of Missy Mira. Such a sweet little girl.

I have more quilts to post but, haven't gotten them on my computer, yet. Sorry, something to look forward to. Blog site is giving me fits so sorry if things are a bit confusing.

Have a blessed day.


Hubby better...

Just a quick note to those who already know and those that don't. My dear hubby had a heart attack last week. He's doing well and came home a week ago today. Scary thing! But, thank God, He's in control. I am eternally grateful He is.
I'm finishing up a very large quilt and will be on to others in the morning. I'll post pictures as soon as they are finished.

Have a blessed week and may God bless you as He has me!



Gray morning...

Boy, sure is gray this morning and misty rain. However, Sunday and Monday made up for it. Saturday was my birthday and it always gets celebrated with Mother's Day so, Saturday was a bust. Sunday was great! Travis had Bill and I over for dinner and he got me a set of colanders and not one, but two dozen long stemmed pink roses. Just gorgeous... Bill got me my sign for the front yard, logo with no wording can't wait to get it up. It'll help me direct new customers to my house. Roses and sign below:

I've been trying to balance work with trying to get projects for the guild done and a few small things for myself. Progress always seems slow but, I know it'll all come together eventually. Taught a workshop last Friday and below is the quilt I'm currently working on...

Spent Monday with my best friend Jerrie and we celebrated my birthday with a road trip to the Dragonfly Quilt shop in High Point and lunch at Skipper's also, in High Point. We had soooooo... much fun! We bought fabric of course, not that either of us needed any more. I've quilted probably 45 to 50 quilts for Jerrie in the past three and a half years. Needless to say she's my very best customer as well as friend.

Well, spending time on the computer isn't getting any sewing or quilting done so, have a wonderful day and I'll be in touch!



Oh my goodness! Had no idea it has been so long since I posted. Must do better and I will try! Life just seems to be flying by, at sonic speed these days. Hope your life is on a little slower speed and you are enjoying it to the fullest...

I've been quilting as usual and will share just a glimpse of what I've been doing. This year is the Randolph Quilter's quilt show and next year is the Longarm Guild's show. So, busy, busy, busy!

Most of you like the 'Eye Candy' so here goes and I don't think I'll write much to go with them. So, enjoy!

Above quilt and the table runner below are mine and a workshop I'm teaching in May. It's the '10-minute Block' by Suzanne McNeill. Fun and easy to do!

Well, I need to get back to work! Hope you have a blessed week and happy quilting!