Getting old hurts

Just spending time learning the computer program to my long-arm. 

     Yes, getting older can have it's drawbacks when you go to learn something new. Like this new stuff on blogspot or a my Quilt Path, a new computer program for the long-arm. It's well worth the effort but, I have a long way to go. The quilt above is the last quilt I did for a customer.

    Well, maybe not (picture didn't find it's way to my blog). Still trying to figure out how to insert pictures. I'll go see if I can get one then be back to post. Well I got it finally. Think I have the gist of it so, I can do it again.

    I've had 'Shingles' the past week and a half. Fortunately we caught it quickly and the meds were started right a way. I'm better, not over it by any means.

   The above quilt is the inspiration for our quilt guild's 'veterans quilts'. We have voted to present three veterans, each with a quilt at our Nov. 2015 quilt show. They did that at the Raleigh show and it was very touching, and an opportunity to thank the gentlemen for their service.

    Well, let me get back to you with more eye candy and hopefully no more surprises (like Shingles).

Have a wonderful day quilting!