Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey's thawing, squash is baked, cranberry relish is in the frig and the pie will go in the oven shortly. So, thought I'd just send you all a quick note and say Happy Thanksgiving!

I got the fall decorations out the first of September (pictures above). I love fall and I enjoy decorating for fall almost as much as Christmas.

The 'Maple Leaf' quilt hangs across from our front door, welcoming visitors. It's one that was made by my grandmother, great grandmother and great aunt, probably in the 1940's give or take a decade. There's no documentation so, just guesswork on my behalf. My aunt gave it to my mom and my mom to me. Mom told me that the three did a lot of quilting. If you are a quilter do put labels on all your quilts and wall-hangings. You might be able to remember but, those that come after you, won't know.

The other pictures are just around the house.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

God Bless!

Mira's Mom


Rescue dogs are the best!

Told you in an earlier post that we were going to transport a rescue dog on her 2nd leg of a trip from Wilmington to Atlanta. Well, we are back of course and things went so well. Both our dog, Mira and the surrendered dog (May, not her real name) shared the back seat of our car. Having two dogs that had never met, until minutes before leaving, in the back seat of your car can be a tad unnerving. All went well and we delivered her safely into the hands of her new adoptive parents. This morning's report was excellent and all seem to be quite happy.

May was delivered to our home about 10am, Saturday morning and everything got really chaotic, with us meeting the mom and dad, and May for the first time. Plus the two dogs meeting everyone, including each other for the very first time. I forgot the camera. But, we pulled out 40 minutes later, with dogs wondering what was going on. There was never a harsh word between them and we traveled for a about three hours to a place SW of here. When we arrived we were pleasantly greeted by four other Bouviers. To have six Bouvs all in one place was an awesome experience. Everyone got along so well, it was just amazing.

May's new adoptive parents showed up a while later and she met her new family for the first time. Then we were off!

DH had promised me if, I would ride along he would take me to Mary Jo's (awesome, awesome fabric store) on our way by. He did and I was in quilters heaven. He walked our Mira and they waited for me to return from the depths of the fabric aisles. Oh what fun! I had a fifty dollar gift certificate which made it, just bliss. Of course I spent that and a little more. We arrived back home about 7:45 which made for a long day for all of us.

Above is a picture of our Mira (Miracle) so aptly named by her foster mom. Mira weighed about 19 lbs when she was surrendered, to the American Bouvier Rescue League, last June. She had to have blood transfusions to save her life. She was severely emaciated and had hook worms. Her trauma had also included physical abuse. After being released by the vet, she received wonderful care from her foster mom Karen and dad Josh. Four days later we adopted her and took her home. She is much loved and has fully regained the weight lost and has become a pretty confident young Bouv. She still has her 'ghosties' that haunt her but, after only five months she has improved so very much. She's just beautiful, so full of life and very smart. The other photos were taken about a month ago. Mira is now over fifty lbs. and is at least a couple inches taller from when we got her.

Right now Miss Mira and I need to run some errands so, I will be back at a later date.

Mira's mom