Yes you are absolutely right!

I have been neglecting my blog and I do apologize. This is quilt show year and I have been trying to get ready for our show. Plus, I'm trying to complete some UFO's. You think I'm neglecting my blog, some of my UFO's think I died! Our quilt guild did a mystery quilt and I actually finished my quilt a little before it needed to be wahoo! This is it but, have to say it isn't my favorite and that's my fault I should have paid closer attention to the quantity of fabric required as well as the color values. I did get a couple customer quilts finished. Business has been slow, gotta believe the economy isn't quite what we've been told. Joyce's quilt, turned out great! Then I got one done for Suzanne in California. Made for a man and it was just beautiful, with woodsy theme. It was a king size and thanks to Mary @ Quilt Hollow with her referral I got the job. I'm going to try to keep up with my blog better. I promise! Happy quilting out here in blogland! Sandi