backyard critters...

 I was looking out in our backyard this morning to see a couple of squirrels having a high old time and a lonely turtle, looking for who knows what. Last week I found this in the backyard. It's a wild turkey and it's outside Mira's fence. I named it Mr. Gobble but, Bill said he thought it should probably be Miss Gobble. So we compromised and it's just the Gobbler.
    We have the usual array of critters chipmunks, squirrels, raccoon, possum, feral cats, deer, fox and coyote's.  Don't see the deer often since we stopped feeding them but, they do investigate the bird feeders from time to time. There have been two foxes that we believe were probably rabid. The neighbors spotted one that was out in broad daylight for some time near their home and the other, they found dead on their compost pile. Very unusual behavior in either case.

    Of course, the coyote's are very elusive and we haven't seen one in the past three years but, we hear them and know they take the bait away but, they do manage to stay out of the traps. Did you know their favorite food is cat so, you cat lovers might want to keep your kitties inside. Coyote's range is pretty much everywhere these days. 

    We live on a road that's behind a Walmart and they have brought in the rats, too. City limits runs within a hundred feet of the neighbors across the street from us. Use to be a lovely wooded (50 plus acres) area until Wally World decided to have it cut down and rezoned from residential to commercial. 

    Wahoo! I finished a show quilt that has been on my frame for way too long. I let the quilts kind of 'speak' to me and this one just wasn't sure on the borders until the very end. I don't like to leave them on the frame so long but this one was a slow talker. However, I was very pleased with the way it turned out.
    Had a few ruffles but, they were tamed and I think they turned out quite nicely. Obviously a before and after picture while still on the frame. I'll take more full shots at the show in September. Below is a shot of the center it turned out so pretty.

Mira went last Monday for her 'summer cut'. Sure does change her looks but, she's still all Bouvier. Think she feels better since, the weather has been so awfully hot this spring and summer.

Mira before and...

Mira after. She is such a sweetie!

     Hope your summer hasn't been as hot and dry as ours has. I look forward to the cooler temps but, not winter. Thankfully, North Carolina doesn't have the winters we used to have in Michigan. We have a late Fall and early Spring kind of winter and we love it!

Have a great day HOT or COLD!