Been a long time!

Hi Everyone!

Know it's been a long time but, lots happening. After hubby's heart attack in May there were numerous doctor appointments, stress tests, cardio rehab and a second heart cath, all of which I attended right along with Bill. He's doing very well, now and we have made a drastic lifestyle change to help him avoid any future events. We have gone VEGAN and not just plain ole vegan. We have added the taboo to all oils, good, bad or otherwise. No nuts, seeds and pretty much anything else we have enjoyed in the past. It's not all bad, Bill has lost down to 150lbs., seems to be enjoying the food I serve and as I said doing well. I on the other hand I have my issues with the changes; it no longer takes half an hour to prepare dinner (usually a piece of meat grilled, a salad and veggie.)Now, it takes any where from 1 - 2 hours to fix a meal and then clean up is a pain you know where. I wouldn't have it any other way (unless it could be faster). I think I'd like to keep him around for a while, after all I have more than 41 years invested in training him, right.

I have been doing some quilting. Not as much as I might have but, did manage to get one done for a customer who entered it into our quilt show. We got a blue ribbon (1st place) in category, Best Visible Hand Work, Best Machine Quilting and Viewer's Choice. We were not unhappy with our winnings at all. Pictures to follow... I got a 2nd and 3rd place on quilts I took off the walls to show. They were never meant to be shown in any quilt show and both have made it into quilts shows. My 'Tweet' won a ribbon for Best Longarm Quilting from the Carolina Longarm Association. That was really exciting!

Right after the quilt show and before Thanksgiving; I quilted a top done by Laura Falconer (spelling is probably wrong) anyways, she is from Apex, NC and she pieced a gorgeous quilt for the American Bouvier Rescue League, to auction off on e-bay as part of a benefit auction for the ABRL. That auction happened the week following Thanksgiving and I am so proud to say it brought in $5,000.00. I was so blessed to have been a part of the benefit and privileged to been able to quilt such a beautiful quilt. Our Miracle benefited in the past from ABRL's rescue work. They do an awesome job placing abused, abandoned and surrendered Bouvier's.

I managed to get thru the holidays and finished a quilt for our grandson! Yea! I guess he likes it. He's 15 and who knows what fifteen year olds think! He's a wonderful grandson and wouldn't trade him for the world! I did, in all the flurry, forget to take pictures of it so, I'll have to post those later.

Not a whole lot more to catch you up on. So, happy quilting and enjoy the eye candy!