2011 approaching fast

I had every intention of posting these pictures prior to Thanksgiving. They were taken the week before turkey day as a rain storm was approaching.

This was taken a few weeks later with our first snow fall. We seldom have snow and our Mira was so excited. She ran from window to window out to her kennel and back in. She finally got dad to take her out for a walk in it. She is just like any youngster when it comes to snow. She's so funny to watch, she'll bury her nose in the snow and play bulldozer.

I finished Jane's quilt about Thanksgiving... here are a couple pictures of her quilt. It's a beautiful blue star quilt with my overall feathers.

I did a last minute Christmas quilt for a friend then on to a quilt, I have been looking forward to quilting since, the first of October. This is Harriette's quilt and it was a joy to work on. I looked forward every morning to getting up and quilting on this one. Harriette gave me free rein as long as it wasn't too stiff when I finished. Hope it's to her liking! I love it!

A couple of my favorite blocks!

I managed to finish customer quilts on the 23rd and had to prepare for family Christmas on the 24th. Fortunately, I have a very forgiving family and they didn't complain when the floors weren't mopped and some of the dusting left a lot to be desired. Most presents (shopped for by my DH) were wrapped and placed under the pathetic little tree we had. I hope one day to have my living room back so, I can put up a big tree, again. It was a lovely time with our son and his family. Dylan is now taller than his dad and grandpa and is only fourteen. Not sure where he'll end up but, know he hasn't stopped growing.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that your New Year is happy and blessed!

Until I can back to you again, have a great time and stay safe!
God Bless, Mirasmom


Oh my goodness!

I didn't realize I have been neglecting you! Forgive me... It's been busy and with the holidays approaching I can't see it slowing down. I have finished several quilts and am posting just a few for you to get a sneak peak at. Enjoy!

Thought this one was sweet...

Just for fun!

another sweet quilt...

Most recent quilt...

Here's some pictures of our most recent home projects... new kitchen counters and sidewalk. We've been planting along the walkway since, these photos were taken.

I love my new counters!

Well, it's time to fix dinner so, I better get busy. Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed week. I'll be back!


I won again!

Can you believe, I won the second place in the 'Whole Cloth' category then turned around and won the RAFFLE quilt. Isn't it gorgeous! I don't know the name of the designer but, will post it as soon as I can get it. The quilter was Rosemary Cushman, she did a beautiful job. Several from the group did the piecing and applique. I am so blessed to have won it! I am absolutely thrilled!!!!

Below is the 'Whole Cloth' I won the 2nd on:

So, it's back to my quilting and that's a happy dance you can't see me doing...
Gotta say, I'm a happy little camper!

Blessings! and Happy quilting!


I won, I won, I won! Get to bring one of those ribbons home with me! I'm just thrilled, the competition was amazing, terrific and a bit intimidating, just gorgeous, gorgeous quilting. I feel very fortunate to have won anything but, the comments I got were so encouraging. Things like: "exquisite", "looks like it was computer quilted", "you've arrived" awesome remarks from ones peers. Thank you, ladies!

I thought my 'Tweet' might have won something as I think it's my best work to date but, like I said the competition was stiff... I ended up winning a second on my 'whole cloth', pictured below (this picture is from a different show). I'll try to get a few more pictures from the actual show and post them later this week. We have more show tomorrow then 'take down' and clean up. I have a grandson that needs a birthday cake Sunday and a contractor is coming in Monday morning. What I really need to do is get back to quilting. I've decided that's where my heart is 90% of the time.

Happy quilting to all!


Well, the ribbons are done and you have to know they were lots, and lots and lots of work! Can't say I'm sorry they are finished. The mini ribbons haven't been completed but, have a day or so to finish them. They were fun to make but, I'd rather be quilting.

Tomorrow, it's off to Clemmons for rest of the week, judging and setting up, Friday and Saturday are Quilt Show. Fortunately, my DH is taking time off to be with 'baby girl', she so hates it when mom's gone. Hope any of you in the area can make the show. It's where the pros face off in a challenge and showing off their long arm abilities. Lot of fun and hope I'm fortunate enough to bring one of these ribbons back home with me.

CAROLINA LONGARM ASSOCIATION QUILT SHOW in Clemmons, NC at the New Hope Presbyterian Church at 2570 Harper Rd, Clemmons, NC . September 17 - 18, 2010 9:00am - 5pm.


Busy two weeks...

The next couple weeks are going to be busy, busy, busy! The Carolina Longarm Quilt Show will be next week the 17th & 18th of September. Drop off of quilts is this Wednesday and then cram to finish ribbons for the show. Lot's of mileage since, I have to drop off quilts in Mocksville (about 70 miles away) and then back to Clemmons for the show preparations and show (about 62 miles away).

I did get 'Tweet' done. I mentioned it a few weeks ago. It's probably the best I've done so far, especially with the heavy free-hand quilting.

Hope you all mark your calendar and can make the show. There might be CD's of the show available, after the show, I'll have to check on that. That would be really great for those who live too far away to make the show.

Have a great week!


Susan has quilt so, I can share now...

Susan and Jessica picked up their quilt last week so, I wanted to share a couple pictures with you. It turned out great and I told Susan, I felt like every quilt I do now is better than those that have come before. :^) Thank goodness! Jessica picked out the fabric, her grandmother pieced the blocks, Susan put the top together and I quilted it. Gotta say it was a joint effort. Very nice girls!

We have a deer that's been coming around lately and over the weekend she brought her fawn. I'm going to try to get a picture. If I can, I'll share it later.

Mary from "Quilt Hollow' and Bonnie from 'Quiltville' came over, Thursday the 5th and we spent the day just talking and sewing. Bonnie got the most done! If you've ever taken one of Bonnie's classes you know she's very prolific. Had a great time with them. Bonnie gave the program for our quilt guild that evening, then a workshop on Friday.

Had to drive to Raleigh, Saturday, for a Carolina Longarm Assoc. meeting. It's crunch time and we needed to discuss the upcoming quilt show in Sept. Got a lot accomplished, then I was on to 'Wish Upon A Quilt' to return a lamp that didn't work. Thanks Kathy for making it right. Then on to 'Plain & Simple' in Apex. Oh... I shouldn't go there! I love their fabrics and just want some of just about everything. Like I need another scrap of fabric.

The CLA show will be Sept. 17th & 18th, 2010 in Clemmons at the New Hope Presbyterian Church, 2570 Harper Rd., Clemmons, NC (9am - 5pm, both days.)

Hope your days are joyous and full of sewing those quilts!


Another one done...

Wow,is it hot or what? I stayed in and stayed cool and got Susan's quilt done. She hasn't seen it, yet so I will only show you a spot of it.


Blue Daisy's done....

Got my CLA challenge quilt done 'Blue Daisy's' and turned in at our meeting, yesterday. Had a good meeting and enjoyed having Neva's company on my way to Chapel Hill and back, especially back. We ran into a thunderstorm about Ramseur and it was a bit scary.
The meeting went well; it was hosted by Thimble Pleasures and what a lovely shop they have there. If you are a quilter and get the chance, you need to visit them. We grabbed a sandwich from Great Grains (yum!) and left CH around 1pm. So, we were almost home before the deluge hit. Thank the Lord!


backyard critters...

 I was looking out in our backyard this morning to see a couple of squirrels having a high old time and a lonely turtle, looking for who knows what. Last week I found this in the backyard. It's a wild turkey and it's outside Mira's fence. I named it Mr. Gobble but, Bill said he thought it should probably be Miss Gobble. So we compromised and it's just the Gobbler.
    We have the usual array of critters chipmunks, squirrels, raccoon, possum, feral cats, deer, fox and coyote's.  Don't see the deer often since we stopped feeding them but, they do investigate the bird feeders from time to time. There have been two foxes that we believe were probably rabid. The neighbors spotted one that was out in broad daylight for some time near their home and the other, they found dead on their compost pile. Very unusual behavior in either case.

    Of course, the coyote's are very elusive and we haven't seen one in the past three years but, we hear them and know they take the bait away but, they do manage to stay out of the traps. Did you know their favorite food is cat so, you cat lovers might want to keep your kitties inside. Coyote's range is pretty much everywhere these days. 

    We live on a road that's behind a Walmart and they have brought in the rats, too. City limits runs within a hundred feet of the neighbors across the street from us. Use to be a lovely wooded (50 plus acres) area until Wally World decided to have it cut down and rezoned from residential to commercial. 

    Wahoo! I finished a show quilt that has been on my frame for way too long. I let the quilts kind of 'speak' to me and this one just wasn't sure on the borders until the very end. I don't like to leave them on the frame so long but this one was a slow talker. However, I was very pleased with the way it turned out.
    Had a few ruffles but, they were tamed and I think they turned out quite nicely. Obviously a before and after picture while still on the frame. I'll take more full shots at the show in September. Below is a shot of the center it turned out so pretty.

Mira went last Monday for her 'summer cut'. Sure does change her looks but, she's still all Bouvier. Think she feels better since, the weather has been so awfully hot this spring and summer.

Mira before and...

Mira after. She is such a sweetie!

     Hope your summer hasn't been as hot and dry as ours has. I look forward to the cooler temps but, not winter. Thankfully, North Carolina doesn't have the winters we used to have in Michigan. We have a late Fall and early Spring kind of winter and we love it!

Have a great day HOT or COLD!


Happy Fourth of July, to all!

Happy 4th of July!

This little quilt was made right after 9/11. It happened to be a couple weeks after my dad passed away so, it was therapy. It helped me get back into quilting, which I had no desire to do at the time. It has hung in my hallway for the past 6 years. I love it!

Yesterday, Bill and I met up with my brother and sister-in-law, Rick and Kathy, from Colorado.They were in Cary, yesterday and we had a short but, sweet time with them. They were celebrating her mom's 80th birthday, Kathy's birthday and a National Championship, Kathy's grandson Jessie, had won this week in Virginia Beach, Va at a National tumbling competition. Congrats, Jessie!

This is what's on the frame right now and should come off in the next couple days. I'll post more pictures when it's finished. Can't wait to see it done!

Aren't these cute! 
Every once in a while someone will ask me to do some embroidery for them and if I'm not swamped with quilting, I will play around. Above, are some towels  I decorated for Linda. Her seven year old grand daughter, Chloe, is a golfer! She needed some girlie golf towels.

I can hardly believe we have had our Miracle a whole year as of Father's Day. Here she is watching for daddy to come home from work so, they can go for a walk.

Hope the 4th of July weekend is a safe and fun time for you and your families.


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