I won, I won, I won! Get to bring one of those ribbons home with me! I'm just thrilled, the competition was amazing, terrific and a bit intimidating, just gorgeous, gorgeous quilting. I feel very fortunate to have won anything but, the comments I got were so encouraging. Things like: "exquisite", "looks like it was computer quilted", "you've arrived" awesome remarks from ones peers. Thank you, ladies!

I thought my 'Tweet' might have won something as I think it's my best work to date but, like I said the competition was stiff... I ended up winning a second on my 'whole cloth', pictured below (this picture is from a different show). I'll try to get a few more pictures from the actual show and post them later this week. We have more show tomorrow then 'take down' and clean up. I have a grandson that needs a birthday cake Sunday and a contractor is coming in Monday morning. What I really need to do is get back to quilting. I've decided that's where my heart is 90% of the time.

Happy quilting to all!

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