told you I had more...

Busy place this time a year. Bill started four 10 hour days in Sept. (I think) and has an extra day to make three day weekends. He usually works in the yard, garden or new garage but, yesterday was rainy and he trimmed bushes until it started raining hard. He wanted to can some banana peppers but, didn't know where to start so, I pulled out the 'Blue Book' canning book and told him to go for it. The last time I canned peppers I had a hard time breathing so, he knew I wasn't about to help. I did just a little and here are the results:
Not bad for his first time! I managed to get a couple quilts finished for myself and I don't think this first one has been posted and know the second one hasn't been posted , yet.
It hangs at the end of our entry hall. I thought I'd include a picture of the entry hall table and mantel in the living room, too:
The next picture is of the same entry table this summer. I just love the funky birds I found at Hobby Lobby:
Then there's the quilt I made to hang in a new quilt shop here in town. Unfortunately, the shop couldn't make it due to the economy, and nasty gossip floating about town. Too bad people are so ignorant that they don't care to find out the truth and are willing to perpetuate lies. I got to bring my quilt home and will enter it in the next quilt show. I call it Victorian Baskets. The feathers are from my class with Karen McTavish a couple years ago. I decided to use them as a background fill. Hope you like them:
I'll go back and check to see what I've missed this past summer and I'll post again soon, I hope. Sandi