Yup, I'm way behind in everything! Fell two weeks ago this am, sprained my right ankle and broke my left wrist. Multiple breaks so, had to have surgery the following Thursday. Bummer... I've tried long-arming but, it's a bust.

I have some pictures from previous quilts so, I'll post a few of those. I had all my customer quilts done, fortunately. I was working on my show quilts, guess they'll have to go in another show.I'm not adding any dialogue with the pictures as I am typing this with one hand and getting weary

Happy Quilting!


Today is a better day!

Yesterday has come and gone. Today, Travis called to wish me a belated happy birthday, as did Lisa on Facebook.

I did go back and tried again with the bookmarks. A little organza is all they needed. I was so excited I took the picture while they were still wet.They really are quite delicate and they have a bird and flowers embroidered on them.

So, yesterday wasn't a complete bust!

Had a thought and will share more later but, think I will try an on-line 'Quilting Bee' this summer. Hope somebody is out there and interested in joining in. Love to hear from you.

Happy quilting! Sandi


Birthday plans and so what...

Today's my 65th birthday. I plan to do nothing, as are the plans of family and friends. We'll eat leftovers and a fruit smoothie for me. Looking on the brighter side, I've lost 5lbs and tomorrow is another day!

My friend Jerrie brought a card and flowers this morning. She's the best friend a gal could have.
Bill had a lovely card ready first thing this morning.We don't go out to eat, too hard with the oil free Vegan diet and I'm not cooking tonight. We'll celebrate my birthday along with Mother's Day on Sunday at Travis'.
 Yesterday, I spent an hour or so embroidering a couple pretty little bookmarks and the following is what I ended up with. OH POOH! Apparently they needed an organza base. Directions would have been nice. Maybe, I'll try again today.

Who says everyday is a productive day? I'll let you know tomorrow if mine was.

Hope your day is lovely and productive!


Current projects

Just a quick blurb...
 As I said before this quilt show year and business is slow so, I'm making quilts while I have the time. 
I've been teaching a Beginners Quilting class since February and here's how we've. started. First month was paper piecing; Log Cabins and Flying geese.
Second month is Applique, due to time constraints I chose machine embroidery applique. My pumpkin has some how disappeared so, will try to retrieve it. Here it is and right side up... plum amazing!

Today's class was on Precision Piecing, The weird looking Topiary

I've been working on a Kim Dielh design from Fons and Porters March/April issue of  Love of Quilting magazine. I try to do one 'fun' quilt a year and this is it. Didn't have to buy one piece of fabric, all stash!
Top border is all hand appliqued with bottom and sides being worked on.

 I just love hand applique and wish there were more hours in the day to do it.


Gotta run, happy quilting!


Yes you are absolutely right!

I have been neglecting my blog and I do apologize. This is quilt show year and I have been trying to get ready for our show. Plus, I'm trying to complete some UFO's. You think I'm neglecting my blog, some of my UFO's think I died! Our quilt guild did a mystery quilt and I actually finished my quilt a little before it needed to be wahoo! This is it but, have to say it isn't my favorite and that's my fault I should have paid closer attention to the quantity of fabric required as well as the color values. I did get a couple customer quilts finished. Business has been slow, gotta believe the economy isn't quite what we've been told. Joyce's quilt, turned out great! Then I got one done for Suzanne in California. Made for a man and it was just beautiful, with woodsy theme. It was a king size and thanks to Mary @ Quilt Hollow with her referral I got the job. I'm going to try to keep up with my blog better. I promise! Happy quilting out here in blogland! Sandi