Birthday plans and so what...

Today's my 65th birthday. I plan to do nothing, as are the plans of family and friends. We'll eat leftovers and a fruit smoothie for me. Looking on the brighter side, I've lost 5lbs and tomorrow is another day!

My friend Jerrie brought a card and flowers this morning. She's the best friend a gal could have.
Bill had a lovely card ready first thing this morning.We don't go out to eat, too hard with the oil free Vegan diet and I'm not cooking tonight. We'll celebrate my birthday along with Mother's Day on Sunday at Travis'.
 Yesterday, I spent an hour or so embroidering a couple pretty little bookmarks and the following is what I ended up with. OH POOH! Apparently they needed an organza base. Directions would have been nice. Maybe, I'll try again today.

Who says everyday is a productive day? I'll let you know tomorrow if mine was.

Hope your day is lovely and productive!

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  1. I hope you recd my card too! Ty has been home this week so I'm totally off my schedule of EVERYTHING and did mean to call! I'm sorry..hope the day was wonderfully yours!