2011 approaching fast

I had every intention of posting these pictures prior to Thanksgiving. They were taken the week before turkey day as a rain storm was approaching.

This was taken a few weeks later with our first snow fall. We seldom have snow and our Mira was so excited. She ran from window to window out to her kennel and back in. She finally got dad to take her out for a walk in it. She is just like any youngster when it comes to snow. She's so funny to watch, she'll bury her nose in the snow and play bulldozer.

I finished Jane's quilt about Thanksgiving... here are a couple pictures of her quilt. It's a beautiful blue star quilt with my overall feathers.

I did a last minute Christmas quilt for a friend then on to a quilt, I have been looking forward to quilting since, the first of October. This is Harriette's quilt and it was a joy to work on. I looked forward every morning to getting up and quilting on this one. Harriette gave me free rein as long as it wasn't too stiff when I finished. Hope it's to her liking! I love it!

A couple of my favorite blocks!

I managed to finish customer quilts on the 23rd and had to prepare for family Christmas on the 24th. Fortunately, I have a very forgiving family and they didn't complain when the floors weren't mopped and some of the dusting left a lot to be desired. Most presents (shopped for by my DH) were wrapped and placed under the pathetic little tree we had. I hope one day to have my living room back so, I can put up a big tree, again. It was a lovely time with our son and his family. Dylan is now taller than his dad and grandpa and is only fourteen. Not sure where he'll end up but, know he hasn't stopped growing.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that your New Year is happy and blessed!

Until I can back to you again, have a great time and stay safe!
God Bless, Mirasmom