CApital Quilter's and CLA Quilt show ended

     Yup! the Capital Quilter's and the Carolina Longarm Association Quilt Show ended months ago, with fantastic attendance and a very successful three days of vending. Attendance was about 2500, the goal was 2000. The powers to be wanted 400 quilts to show and had almost 500. There were 31 vendors in 40 booths.
     It was a lot of work but, worthwhile work. Neva and I arrived at 8am Wed. morning, judging started at 9am. we both helped in the judging room, finishing around 2:30pm. Then the set-up started. most of that was finished on Wed. and some Thurs.; with vendors coming in and setting up on Thursday. Friday morning we were there bright and early. We white gloved, gave out viewer's choice tickets, patterns and door prize tickets until we decided that wasn't working and those in charge decided to change it. We were there pretty much every day from 8am to 6pm. Whew... we were very tired by the time we got back to Angela's where a wonderful meal was waiting every night. Angela's parents were visiting from Fla. and they prepared dinner, Sherri started dinner one evening and refrigerated it so, Will and Jackie could start the crock-pot the next morning.
     How very pampered we felt! Can't thank Angela and Matt enough, for allowing us to stay with them. Their hospitality was wonderful!
     Sunday, brought some time for a little shopping and take down. The drive home was long. it was 6 something before we were able to leave with quilts in hand. We stopped at Panera Bread for a bowl of soup before, leaving Raleigh. It was great, all except for the soup I spilled down the front of me. After changing my clothes, we headed home in a nasty rainy evening, arriving home about 9pm. It made for a very long week but, would probably do it again.
     I did manage to get an Honorable Mention on one or two of my quilts. It was a bit confusing since, I had a ribbon on my Victorian Baskets with both the VB and Sprigs & Twigs numbers on the back. Go figure???
     Hoping to get my Quilt Path computer installed on my long arm soon. It will make things better for me physically. There will still be much standing but, not as much walking back and forth. I plan to use the computer for the E2E and hopefully a second machine to do custom on. That's in the future of course. After breaking my wrist, I found the long arming came to a halt for 12 weeks, not good for business and was terribly frustrating for me.
      I will be having a half price sale as soon as I'm up and flying with the Quilt Path. I was hoping for April but, not sure when Angela will be able to get here to install the program so, may have to put it off a month or so.
Wrote all that back in March and it's been a bit crazy for me since. I got my Quilt Path installed and up and running. So much for this old mind to learn... but, I enjoy a challenge. I had a half price sale the month of May. Quilted a dozen quilts and was extremely pleased with QP. I'm starting a custom quilt today and will post pictures of that when finished. Next, I need to learn how to post pictures on my  MAC. Computers are not user friendly especially with the older generation.
I promise to be back soon with lots of pictures!

Happy Quilting!

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