Cold out there!

    I haven't been at my computer much lately since, the temps have fallen. My computer room has been as low as 38 degrees and is at about 60, right now. I've run in and read or printed e-mails and run right back out.
     I finished the quilt I was working on and have mounted another one. That means I really need to keep this post short. I was talking about nostalgia and pictured some of the quilts I had done over the past couple years. So, I thought I'd continue on with a couple more that I worked on this last year. There was the 'Endless' quilt I did for Ms. Cheek. It was absolutely beautiful but, I went diagonally thru every single rectangle (there were thousands of rectangles) in the quilt and it seemed endless.

     Then I did a quilt for my friend Ruth. She made this one for her granddaughter's graduation and it was off to NY. This was such a sweet quilt and the stars in the center are dimensional.

I got to pick out different motifs and since her granddaughter likes flowers I was able to work in several plus  butterflies. The feathers were a different story. When I got to the star center I just knew I had to try some feathers.
     I took a class from Karen McTavish the week before and I was just really wanting to put to use what I had learned. These stars just needed something special around them so, feathers it was and my first attempt at freehand feathers on a customer's quilt.

I was very pleased with the results and so was Ruth.
     The following picture is one taken with Karen McTavish at the 'Wild Women of Quilting' trunk show, Karen and Sue Patten did for our quilt guild.

     Karen is a hoot and I so enjoyed her classes, wish I could have taken more. I do think I got the hang of feathers, Karen! Hope you agree...
     I have since done an entire quilt with feathers meandering all over it. It was for our quilt show and was posted in a previous post.
     Better get going. No feathers on the quilt I just put on the frame. Looks like dog bones, balls, fire hydrants and maybe dog houses for this one.

Hope everyone is having a great year so far and it continues to be terrific for all of you out there in blog land!

Mira's mom

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