Remember back in November...

     Do you remember back in November, after the quilt show, I told you I won the raffle quilt. Well just before Christmas DH thought it would be nice to hang it in our TV room. So..... I did and here it is...

It is pretty in there and cozies the room up. If there is such a thing.

Next month I am facilitating a workshop for our quilt guild. It's one of those freebies you get in the mail from one of the quilt magazines. One of those quilts that looks so cozy for all this nasty weather we've been having. Can't wait to get mine done. Below are the fabrics I'm using. I don't have anyone to trade with but, I think I've got enough fabric to cover my bases. LOL It's a good 'stash' reducer or at least a start.

This is just part of the fabric some of it is hidden beneath other pieces.
I'm going to go get started on this one and I'll post as I get some of it done.

Have a great day!
Mira's Mom

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